What you need to know

What you need to know about the fossil fuel industry’s interference in climate policymaking — and what we’re doing to stop it.

Report: Inside Job: Big Polluters’ lobbyists on the inside at the UNFCCC

Primer: Conflicts of interest in the UNFCCC

Report: Fueling the Fire: The Big Polluters Bankrolling COP21

Briefing (Corporate Europe Observatory): Oil Corporations vs. Climate

Report (Corporate Europe Observatory): Dirty Hands on Dirty Deals — TTIP and COP21 Shaped by Same Big Business Interests

Report (Corporate Europe Observatory): Polluters’ Paradise

Guide (Corporate Europe Observatory): Lobby Planet Paris — A Guide to Corporate COP21

Briefing (Corporate Europe Observatory): TTIP — A Box of Tricks for Corporate Climate Criminals

Report (InfluenceMap): Big Oil and the Obstruction of Climate Regulations

Report: Remove Big Polluters From Climate Policy

Report (Corporate Europe Observatory): Stop Fossil Fuels Setting the Climate Agenda

Guide (Corporate Europe Observatory): (False) Solutions COP21

Report (Union of Concerned Scientists): The Climate Deception Dossiers

Report (The Polaris Institute): Corporations, Climate and the UN

Report (Union of Concerned Scientists): A Climate of Corporate Control

Report (Greenpeace): Greenwash +20

Report (Corporate Europe Observatory): The COP19 Guide to Corporate Lobbying

Report (Corporate Europe Observatory): Corporate Conquistadors: The Many Ways Multinationals Both Drive and Profit From Climate Destruction

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