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We know who is to blame for the climate crisis. For over half a century, Big Polluters have known their deadly products would cause harm.

What did they do? They hid the truth, sowed doubt, and invested billions of dollars to delay climate action. All in the name of greed and profits, no matter the cost to people and the planet.

Now, they’ve rigged the very system meant to coordinate a global response to climate change. As a result, climate action failure is on our doorstep. The world’s ecosystems are being destroyed. Millions of lives and livelihoods are being lost.

It’s time for the people to take the power back into our own hands. It’s time we kick them out.


See our full demands.

It's time for a reset of the system. A moment to abandon the old, profiteering, polluting world order, and a time to reimagine and rapidly implement global collaboration that centers equity, science, humanity. We don’t have to tell you what another failed year will mean for people and the planet.

Let’s make sure our voices are heard together- loud and clear. Take action and demand world governments heed the will of the people and kick Big Polluters out.

For a Better Future