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When creating an About page, think about your audience and anticipate the questions they have about your organization as well as what you want them to know about you.

About Drutopia

Drutopia is a flexible and extensible Drupal distribution that can be used as the basis for building a single website for your group or a customized platform for your network or organization. As a base distribution, Drutopia is pre-configured to provide the content types and other features that organizations will need when developing a public-facing website. It also comes with a number of already designed “Skins” which provide the front-facing look of a site.

By building on Drupal, a powerful content management system (CMS), Drutopia allows those with little technical skill to easily add the content and images that drive your website. Detailed documentation provides tips on how to work with your site. Drutopia can also be used as a base distribution off of which we can build specialized distributions that meet more targeted needs of a sector or network.

For questions on using the distribution, you can